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PLL + Tumblr text posts // Part 21 - Spencer Hastings Edition

6 gifs of Spencer Hastings by episode: 1x11. Moments Later

"This started with murder We were crazy to think that it wouldn’t end up like this."

Keegan Allen: A Summary {insp}


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I don’t get how babies can cry at restaurants lol like nigga why you cryin there’s food around you rejoice


pretty little liars meme: [1/2] ships
↳ Spoby

"i’ve never had a safe place to land, but now i feel like i do, so i want you to stay safe

"what we had was real. i’ve been pretending to work with mona so i could keep you safe

Pretty Little Music Scenes
"Ride"  Lana Del Rey

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a/n: it’s been a long time since i posted a prompt. ugh sorry. i’ve been busy and sick and busy !!!!! :/ 

prompt: spencer takes care of drunk! toby (no one specifically asked for this, but a few people said they wanted to see it????)

All her attempts at calling him have gone awry. Instead of being greeted by her boyfriend’s sweet voice, she is greeted by his phone’s voice mail box. She has left a couple voice messages, telling him that she’s worried and slightly upset that he is not answering her calls. Haven’t they established that this can’t happen? Not when they live in the midst of murder and chaos?

Eventually she gets tired of the one sided calls, and just decides to go to his loft. If it ends her worrying and anxiety, it’ll be all worth the trip.

She knocks on his door, calling out his name from behind it.

No answer.

He gave her a key awhile back; after they got back together. She usually uses it without question, but that is when he has invited her over. She currently has no invite from him. She doesn’t even know if he is home. She has simply just invited herself.

But in the end, she takes the key out and uses it.

She steps inside, and doesn’t spot him.

All his kitchen cupboards are wide open, and his couch is covered with pictures. She ignores the cupboards and goes to the couch instead.

Pictures are scattered all over it. Most of them contain his mother and him. Some of them are just his mother. A couple are of his father and him. She picks one up, studying it.

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That’s how you get away with murder. 

omg that thief ??? HAHAHH wo they are hella dumb

I know!! I feel so bad for them and I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 gifs of Spencer Hastings by episode:

               ↳ 1x05. Reality Bites Me

wow you didn’t just reposted my entire gifset, you actually copied MY LINK WHICH GOES TO MY BLOG, THIS IS SO DUMB I DON’T KNOW IF I SHOULD LAUGH OR CRY!!!!!!!!!!!

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